How our ministries align with our Purpose Statement

  • Stewardship/Trustees 
    1. Maintaining healthy financial status of the church
    2. Maintain facility care and improvements
    3. Purpose: this committee aligns with Living In Community and Every Voice Matters.
    4. Critique: have a master plan for property and facility improvements
    5. How can this committee more intentionally align with the other purpose statements?
  • Christian Education
    1. Curriculum resourcing
    2. friendsKIDS, Friends Youth, Young Adults, Adults
    3. Leadership development
    4. Scholarships for camp and college
  • Missions and Outreach
    1. Faith Promise
      • Use our Purpose Statement as a rubric to evaluate choosing the FP each year.
    2. Trunk or Treat
      • This is an Everyday Evangelism event.
    3. Missions Support
      • Stays connected to our missionaries and communicates about them, via reports and updates, to our congregation.
    4. Food Support
      • Willowbrook Food Pantry
        • How can we help Willowbrook be more intentionally Everyday Evangelistic?
      • Food Drives
        • Matthew 25– least of these
    5. Rest Stop